Use Cases

Advanced Correlation for Operations
AI Engine™ provides preconfigured advanced correlation rules to identify in real time when a critical process or service does not restart within an expected period of time. The wizard-based, drag-and-drop GUI provides an easy interface for modifying and creating additional rules specific to each environment or potential scenario.

Alerting on the Absence of an Event 
While most solutions are capable of detecting and alerting on specific events taking place, most fall short when it comes to alerting on expected behavior. You need to know not only when the wrong thing happens, but when the right thing doesn’t.

Auditing & Strengthening Change Control
Track and alert on changes, help enforce policy, accelerate mean-time-to-resolution and provide forensic detail identifying where and how a process may have failed.

Bridge the Information Gap with Flexible Reporting
Deliver out-of-the-box reporting with the flexibility to easily create custom reports.
Learn more about Flexible Reporting.

Continuous Monitoring 
With any event LogRhythm provides instant access to multiple avenues for further forensic analysis without leaving the initial screen. Administrators can right-click to extract host, network or user-related context, perform extended event correlation, or create detailed and/or summary reports.

Controlling Operating Costs
Capture and understand data about shared IT resource usage for accurate budgeting, policy mapping, and resource planning.

Detecting Advanced Threats
The biggest challenge in protecting your organization from advanced threats is the unique and complex nature of each assault. Attackers frequently incorporate advanced custom malware designed to take advantage of specific exploits -- in many cases employing a series of highly-sophisticated zero day attacks.

Enriching Event Data with Geolocation Information
LogRhythm’s automated geolocation capabilities provide important geographic context related to internal and external events impacting any sized IT environments.

Fraud Detection and Prevention
Acts of fraud frequently involve a series of legitimate activities that individually do not warrant notice. However when they are observed in the right sequence over time, pattern recognition can detect that suspicious activity is taking place.

Network and Process Monitoring
Network Connection and Process Monitoring deliver rapid insight into critical events by providing access to detailed event information at the endpoint, above and beyond what is available in standard log data.

Practical Architecture for Any Enterprise

Learn more about enterprise architecture options that can support IT environments of any size, with easy implementation, scalability and usability for rapid time-to-value.

Privileged User Monitoring
Find out how to watch the watchers, secure the breadcrumbs and find the needle in the haystack using LogRhythm's log & event management solution.

Protecting Critical Assets from Data Breaches
LogRhythm’s wizard-based toolset allows users to easily set up alarms to alert on data transfers meeting specific criteria such as size or frequency.

Protecting ePHI
LogRhythm provides healthcare organizations with the means to proactively protect ePHI, as well as the tools to accurately and quickly identify the culprits guilty of breaches. LogRhythm provides extensive data enrichment and automatically categorizes event data into meaningful, easy-to-search categories. Additional features, such as Active Directory integration, provide meaningful user and network-related context related to an event.

Protective Monitoring
Protective Monitoring within the scope of the UK government’s CESG Good Practice Guide 13 (GPG 13), is a major component for providing essential oversight of ICT systems. It is also critical for maintaining organisational risk management strategies related to commercial regulations, such as PCI DSS, by providing information required to establish sufficient internal security controls for ongoing compliance assurance. 

Rapid Forensics | Actionable Intelligence Through Interactive Displays
LogRhythm allows administrators to sort and filter data directly on-screen, providing instant access to the right data directly in a single view. Administrators can filter and sort on any combination of over 50 data enrichment fields for unprecedented and immediate forensic insight.

Rapid Time-to-Value
No matter what the reason for implementing a log management/SIEM solution, the complexity of installation, operation and ongoing management will go a long way toward determining its success. A solution that can’t be deployed, learned and operated without requiring major resources can become more of a problem than a solution.

Visualizing Log & Event Data – Completing the Picture
Discover what is happening throughout your global IT environment, including points of origin and scope of impact.

Zero Day Exploits
Gain insight into identifying anomalous behavior patterns, perform rapid root-cause analysis, and extract accurate information needed to help defend against future exploits.