Introducing the new LogRhythm Thrive Partner Portal!

Get Started Today!

1) Click the button below and select "Not a member" to register for the new portal - even if you previously had access to our Connect Portal. This enables the transition to our new portal. 

2) After completing the short registration check your email to update your password.

3) If we have your domain verified in our system you will be able to login right away.

Please note -  .logrhythm will be added as an extension to your username. You will need to add .logrhythm to the end of your username each time you login.

*If your domain is not verified in our system you will be contacted by a LogRhythm representative within 2 business days to get started.


To skip this page in the future, please bookmark the new login page.

If you are having trouble logging in contact

The Thrive Partner Portal gives you access to valuable LogRhythm resources, calendars, news and other useful information, and enables you to register and track deals.  The portal contains the following sections to get you to the resources you need quickly:

  • Deals where you can register and see status of deals and SPIFFS

  • Library where you can search and filter to find sales, marketing and engineering resources.  

  • Engage tab which includes sales / channel contacts, event calendar, Thrive program information and more.

  • Learn tab which includes descriptions of available training and schedules

  • Earn table you can learn about our latest SPIFFs and rewards.

  • Dedicated tabs for sales reps (Sell), sales engineers (Engineer) and marketers (Market), which contain role specific resources.