Independent Product Reviews

LogRhythm has and continues to receive numerous awards, reviews & accolades for its award-winning SIEM 2.0 security intelligence platform. Independent reviews and awards -- from industry analyst opinions to product reviews and competitive comparisons -- are one of the best ways to get an objective opinion on what LogRhythm does, how we do it and what makes what we do different than our competitors.

We welcome you to take a look at many of these independent resources as you compare options and make your decision to move to next-generation SIEM.

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  • SANS Review | Under Pressure Scaling Analytics to Meet Real-Time Threats | 2013 | This whitepaper discusses the collection, correlation and analysis features of LogRhythms security analytics platform, its capabilities and its use in the real world, with advice for readers assessing their present and future SIEM needs...

  • SC Magazine: SIEM Group Test and 5-Star Rating | 2013 | LogRhythm was awarded a 5-Star Rating by SC Magazine in the 2013 SIEM Group Test. "The LogRhythm appliance goes way beyond traditional security event monitoring and management... [and is] an all-around good value and investment for any organization looking to deploy SIEM."

  • SANS Review of LogRhythm SIEM 2.0 Big Data Security- Full Report | 2012 | Increasingly, organizations are gathering security event data and logs from systems and applications for a broad variety of purposes. According to the SANS 8th Annual Log Management Survey published in 2012, the majority of responding organizations are leveraging security logs and event data.

  • SC Magazine: Best Buy | 2012 | LogRhythm version 6 appliance recieved a 5-Star rating and SC Magazine's "Best Buy" in their 2012 SIEM Group Test. "Back again this year is one of the most powerful SIEMs that we have seen... One terrific product and an equally terrific value."

  • SC Magazine: Group Test SIEM | 2011 | The LogRhythm appliance features high-powered functionality to the enterprise in the way of log correlation and full, real-time event analysis...

  • SC Magazine: Group Test SIEM | 2010 | Designed for large enterprise and distributed environments, and delivered with excellent functionality, we give LogRhythm our 5-Star “Recommended rating.

  • SC Magazine: 2009 Reader Trust Award | 2009 | LogRhythm can be deployed and begin collecting logs, without professional services, in hours not weeks...

  • SC Magazine: Products Industry innovators | 2009 | Rapid time to value means lots of out-of-the-box capabilities and that has been a major emphasis for LogRhythm.

  • SC Magazine: Group Test Digital forensics | 2009 | Powerful product with plenty of easy-to- use features, this one is our Best Buy.

  • Information Security: Log Management LogRhythm | 2008 | LogRhythm is a cross-platform log management program that provides a multitude of functions...

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