The below datasheets provide detailed information on LogRhythm features and capabilities.

LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform

LogRhythm uniquely combines enterprise-class SIEM, Log Management, File Integrity Monitoring and Machine Analytics, with Host and Network Forensics, in a fully integrated Security Intelligence Platform.

LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform Download US 'PDF' 
LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform Download A4 'PDF'

LogRhythm Network Monitor

By delivering real-time awareness and understanding of all data traversing the network, LogRhythm Network Monitor provides critical visibility for detecting and responding to today's advanced threats.

LogRhythm Network Monitor Download US 'PDF'  
LogRhythm Network Monitor Download A4 'PDF'  

Federal Compliance Automation

LogRhythm's combines comprehensive SIEM, Log Management, File Integrity Monitoring and Machine Analytics, with Host & Network Forensics, in a unified Security Intelligence Platform to help federal organizations combat today's cyber threats while complying with a myriad of regulations such as FISMA, NERC CIP, HIPAA, DoDI, etc..

Federal Compliance Automation with LogRhythm Download US 'PDF'

SIEM/Security Intelligence for MSP/MSSPs

LogRhythm delivers an enterprise-class Security Intelligence Platform to managed service providers (MSP/MSSP) that seamlessly integrates SIEM, Log Management, File Integrity Monitoring and Machine Analytics, with Host and Network Forensics.

SIEM/Security Intelligence for MSP/MSSP US Download 'PDF '
SIEM/Security Intelligence for MSP/MSSP Download A4 'PDF'


SmartResponse™ delivers immediate action on real-world issues, such as when suspicious behavior patterns are detected, specific internal or compliance-driven policies are violated, or critical performance thresholds are crossed. LogRhythm ensures that responses are based on accurate information by performing real-time analysis on all log data, helping to minimize false positives as well as the delays associated with manual intervention.

SmartResponse™ Download US 'PDF'
SmartResponse™ Download A4 'PDF' 

Host Activity Monitoring

Host Activity Monitoring provides independent awareness and insight into what’s happening on a host, providing a critical layer of protection from a broad spectrum of problems, ranging from important operational events such as system and application failures to security and compliance violations tied to unauthorized or malicious activity.

Host Activity Monitoring Download US 'PDF' Host Activity Monitoring Download A4 'PDF'

Advanced Intelligence Engine

LogRhythm's Advanced Intelligence (AI) Engine is a fully integrated component of any LogRhythm deployment, delivering automated, continuous analysis and correlation of all activity observed within the environment in a uniquely intuitive fashion. With a practical combination of flexibility, usability and comprehensive data analysis, AI Engine delivers real-time visibility to risks, threats and critical operations issues that are otherwise undetectable in any practical way.

Advanced Intelligence (AI) Engine™ Download 'PDF' US  Advanced Intelligence (AI) Engine™ Download 'PDF' A4 

File Integrity Monitoring

An overview of LogRhythm's File Integrity Monitoring which automates compliance requirements including PCI DSS and enables organizations to monitor for and alert on a variety of malicious behaviors, from improper user access of confidential files to botnet related breaches and transmittal of sensitive data.

File Integrity Monitoring Download US 'PDF'  File Integrity Monitoring Download A4 'PDF' 

High Performance Appliances

LogRhythm’s high-performance appliance line provides IT organizations with flexible deployment options and true enterprise scalability. The high-performance line incorporates a highly flexible and scalable architecture that provides for a range of deployment options, from a single all-in-one appliance to multi-tier, enterprise-wide solutions.

High Performance Appliances Download US 'PDF'  High Performance Appliances Download A4 'PDF' 

High Availability Solutions

For organizations requiring access to critical log and event data at all times, LogRhythm's flexible High Availability solutions can be easily tailored to meet the specific requirements of any organization.

LogRhythm High Availability Solutions Download US  'PDF'

Advanced Agent Technology

Find out how LogRhythm solutions can be configured to operate with or without the use of agents. LogRhythm System Monitor and LogRhythm System Monitor Pro features and benefits are highlighted.

Advanced Agent Datasheet Download US 'PDF 

Advanced Persistent Threat Blueprint

Protecting your organization from APTs is an ongoing process that starts with thoughtful planning and implementation and requires broad visibility, continuous monitoring, advanced analysis and pattern recognition, intelligent countermeasure capabilities, and ongoing adaptation to new and evolving threats.

LogRhythm APT Blueprint Download US 'PDF'