Customer Testimonials

Bessemer Trust

Vikas Bangia, VP Senior Information Security Analyst at Bessemer Trust, explains how LogRhythm’s easy-to-use Security Intelligence solution has helped his team gain valuable insight into highly suspicious events on the network by performing real-time analytics on data at rest and data in motion.

Vikas Bangia
VP Senior Information Security Analyst
Bessemer Trust


Randall Gamby with CMA, a state run Medicaid data warehouse, talks about his experience with LogRhythm's Security Intelligence solutions. The video outlines how his team is using LogRhythm’s advanced, real-time analytics to identify trends and spot abnormalities across half a petabyte of complex medical data.

Randall Gamby
Information Security Officer 

R.L Polk & Company

Ethan Steiger, CSO, with R.L Polk & Company explains the benefits of using LogRhythm's SIEM, log management and file integrity monitoring.

Ethan Steiger,
R.L Polk & Company

College of St. Benedict

Jim Gramke IT Information Security Manager with College of St. Benedict discusses how they use LogRhythm SIEM 2.0 Solutions.

Jim Gramke
IT Information Security Manager
College of St. Benedict

National Cable Company

National Cable Company chose LogRhythm for its SIEM 2.0 capabilities. LogRhythm is flexible, easy to use and provides real time alerting on events. All log data is achieved and available for forensic investigations.

Michael Lambaceda
Lead Network Engineer
National Cable Company

Central Bank of Barbados

My experience with LogRhythm has been extremely positive. As a SMB, we appreciate the knowledge and professionalism that the LogRhythm team was able to bring to the table. We put a lot of effort into selecting a SIEM solution and we are satisfied that the LogRhythm product meets our needs.

Terry Burke
Information Security Officer


To meet PCI requirements and other data security mandates, organizations must have adequate controls for log management, including collection, review, retention and destruction.  Automated and centralized solutions like LogRhythm are essential for companies to meet key parts of the PCI regulation.  Coalfire has validated LogRhythm's technology as meeting requirements under PCI and industry standards and best practices for this key control area.

Alan Ferguson
Vice President and Co-Founder


Given the completeness of the LogRhythm solution combined with its ease-of-use and implementation, I anticipate a rapid and substantial return on investment.

Paul Jay
Head of Information Security

RedCats Group

LogRhythm provides a single view into all log and event data. Having meaningful data in one place empowers me to act quickly and precisely with appropriate security measures.

Bernie Rominski
IT Security Officer

Center for American Progress

What sold me on LogRhythm was the simple, straightforward way we can get real insight into our network. Everyone in IT can use it to be more effective.

Steve Heibein
Vice President of Technology

Phoenix Suns

LogRhythm is a tool that acts as another person assigned to the department {without} the overhead cost of salary and benefits.  In addition, LogRhythm allows us to be more proactive when it comes to our servers and management of IT.

Bill Bolt
Vice President of IT

Cardiff Caerdydd

LogRhythm is easy and intuitive to use and has been imperative to Cardiff County Council achieving CoCo and GCSX compliance.

Mike Selley
IT Service Delivery Manager