Case Studies


CARA Meets PCI Requirements and Gains Network Visibility with LogRhythm

Canadian Auto Association

Sister Organizations Pool Their Resources to Share SIEM and Logging

Callcredit Data Security

LogRhythm Passes All Callcredit’s Checks, Chosen to Underpin Data Security Best Practice

University of Nottingham

After a review of all available solutions on the market, including Splunk, LogRhythm came out on top. This came down to a number of factors including LogRhythm’s ability to intelligently process a greater number of data sources

Endsleigh Insurance Services

LogRhythm Streamlines Compliance and Bolsters Network-Wide Security at Endsleigh

The Share Centre

In order to ensure its IT estate was secure and compliant, whilst still maintaining an effective and efficient infrastructure, the company needed an intuitive, automated solution capable of providing real-time monitoring as well as a consolidated overview of all events

ALPS Case Study

LogRhythm Helps Mutual Fund Administrator Reap Big Returns with SIEM 2.0

St John Ambulance Case Study

LogRhythm Ensures Perfect Health for PCI DSS Compliance at St John Ambulance

Phoenix Suns Case Study

Phoenix Suns Draft LogRhythm to Gain Deep Visibility into IT and Security Matters

Ventura Case Study (UK)

LogRhythm Combines PCI DSS Compliance with Unprecedented IT System Analysis Capabilities at Ventura

Commidea Case Study (UK)

LogRhythm Brings Time Savings, Improved Network Visibility and Operational Efficiencies to Commidea

Center for American Progress Case Study

Politcal think tank uses LogRhythm to derive actionable insight that improves security and operations

Fortis Bank Case Study (Hong Kong)

Fortis Bank satisfies internal auditing requirements while securing and optimizing its network with LogRhythm

Cardiff Council Case Study (UK)

LogRhythm has helped Cardiff Council achieved GCSX and CoCo compliance, but has improved its reporting mechanisms and enhanced network performance analysis.

Regis Corporation Case Study

LogRhythm has helped Regis Corporation to automate PCI Compliance and drive InfoSec best practices

Redcats USA Case Study

LogRhythm has helped Redcats USA  automate PCI Compliance and increase IT optimization