DoDI (Department of Defense Instruction) 8500.2 Compliance

LogRhythm monitors activities by both users and systems to assist in determining necessary access, frivolous access, and resource needs of production systems.

“The Department of Defense has a crucial responsibility to protect and defend its information and supporting information technology.” DoDI (Department of Defense Instruction) 8500.2 was established to provide U.S. Department of Defense information security standards for implementing information assurance controls. These published guidelines cover many areas surrounding “access control”, “audit and accountability”, “incident response”, and “system and information integrity”.

The collection, management, and analysis of log data are integral to meeting many DoDI 8500.2 guidelines. The use of LogRhythm directly meets some recommendations and decreases the cost to meet others. IT environments consist of heterogeneous devices, systems, and applications—all reporting log data. Millions of individual log entries can be generated daily, if not hourly. The task of organizing this information can be overwhelming. The additional recommendations of analyzing and reporting on log data render manual processes or homegrown remedies inadequate and cost prohibitive for many organizations.

LogRhythm delivers log collection, archiving, and recovery across the entire IT infrastructure and automates the first level of log analysis. Log data is categorized, identified, and normalized for easy analysis and reporting. LogRhythm’s owerful alerting capabilities automati ally identify the most critical issues and notify relevant personnel. With the click of a mouse or via an automated scheduler, LogRhythm’s out-of-the box DoDI 8500.2 reporting packages ensure you meet your reporting needs.

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